1. Completed the 8th grade but not yet in college.
2. Agrees to attend all Super Summer sessions and participate in all activities.
3. Must be a faithful, baptized believer.
4. Demonstrates leadership qualities and is a growing Christian.
5. Live and actively share their faith consistently.
6. Devoted to prayer. Committed to purity and abstinence. Totally drug-free.
7. At least 75% attendance at weekly church and student ministry events.
8. Participates in student ministry events (Disciple Now, retreats, camps, etc.).
9. Has shared personal testimony with youth group before coming to Super Summer each year. All
students will be asked to share their testimony within their schools and family groups
10. Involved in a “small group” discipleship study or an accountability group.
11. Memorized at least 10 scripture verses (each year). Students may be asked to recite these verses
at Super Summer.
12. Journal how you are growing in your walk with Christ (prayer, scripture, memorization,
struggles, joy, etc.).
13. Seeks to penetrate culture with the gospel (involved in church outreach, campus ministry,
missions, community service).
14. Second year and above students write an essay (100 words) which expresses your level of
commitment to Christ and how you are involved in leadership in your church and community.
This should be given to your youth leader or pastor.
15. Each participant must submit 2 references from a teacher or employer.
Super Summer is designed to be a challenging week that encourages students to become passionate followers of Christ. It is an incredible experience, and we want to do all we can to keep that standard high. These guidelines help keep the purpose of Super Summer in focus and church leaders are responsible for seeing that these requirements are met by students. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us, and we will try to help you in any way that we can.

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Jul 16 - 20 2018
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